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Telemundo 51 Miami highlights the impactful work of Amor y Fuerza, a passionate non-profit organization based in Miami. With a focus on making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by adversity in Honduras and Nicaragua, Amor y Fuerza’s commitment extends to local assistance in South Florida. Through their efforts in providing toys, food, and essential supplies, they create a positive impact within the community. Telemundo 51 recognizes Amor y Fuerza’s dedication and inspiring contributions to improving lives and fostering hope.

Other news outlets have also covered the efforts of the nonprofit organization Amor y Fuerza Honduras.

The news highlights that the nonprofit organization Amor y Fuerza Honduras is leading donation efforts in South Florida to assist people affected by hurricanes in Central America and the Caribbean. The organization has been collecting various supplies, such as clothing and food, to send to the affected areas. It is emphasized that the foundation is working tirelessly to gather as many donations as possible and send multiple containers of aid. The article underscores that Amor y Fuerza Honduras plans to continue collecting and sending supplies on a regular basis. Additionally, the Miami community is being urged to support the donation efforts, especially with medicines, mattresses, and tools needed for reconstruction

Local organizations, residents lend helping hand to families in Iota-battered Central America

South Florida is providing support to Central America in the wake of Hurricane Iota. Recent hurricanes, including Eta and Iota, have brought significant devastation to the region, prompting South Floridians with ties to Central America to take immediate action. Donation drives have been organized to collect essential items such as clothing, shoes, medicines, and baby supplies. Nonprofit organization Amor y Fuerza Honduras is leading the donation efforts, recognizing the already challenging circumstances faced by many people in Central America and the increased hardships caused by these natural disasters. Food for the Poor, a nonprofit based in Coconut Creek, is also sending substantial quantities of food to the affected areas. Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez personally dispatched the country’s navy with humanitarian aid and support personnel to assist the Red Cross and other organizations on the ground. While donations have been pouring in, there is a recognition that additional support will be required in the coming weeks and months. Donations for Amor y Fuerza Honduras can be dropped off at 1520 N.W. 79th Ave., Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Local nonprofits collecting supply donations for Central Americans, Caribbean residents affected by Eta

South Floridians are rallying together to collect donations for the people of Central America and the Caribbean who have been severely affected by recent hurricanes. The nonprofit organization Amor y Fuerza Honduras is leading the efforts to collect items in Doral, Florida, to assist those impacted by Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota. They have been gathering clothes, food, and other essential supplies at their location on Northwest 79th Avenue and 16th Street. The organization aims to send multiple containers of aid to the affected areas and plans to continue collecting and shipping supplies on a weekly basis. With Hurricane Iota making landfall as a Category 4 storm in Nicaragua, the situation has become even more critical, with the potential for landslides, flooding, and significant surges. The community in Miami is being urged to support the donation drive, with a particular need for medicines, mattresses, and tools to help people rebuild their lives. Local agencies, including Food for the Poor, are also actively collecting and sending supplies to the affected countries. Samaria Beauty Supply stores have become additional drop-off sites for donations. The hope is that the collection efforts will provide much-needed relief to those who have already been living in poverty and are now facing further devastation

Nicaragua, Honduras need help after 2nd hurricane blow in 2 weeks

Hurricane Iota slammed into Nicaragua with strong winds and storm surges on Tuesday, displacing tens of thousands of people from their homes along the same Caribbean coast that was devastated by an equally powerful hurricane just two weeks prior. Preliminary reports from the affected region indicate fallen trees, downed power poles, and roofs torn off homes and businesses. Several residents were reported dead or missing, and many areas were left without electricity and communication services. Iota, which initially was a Category 5 hurricane, weakened upon reaching the coast and subsequently turned into a tropical storm as it moved toward Honduras. The storm poses great concern for flooding, with an additional 6 to 7 inches of rain expected in already saturated areas of Nicaragua. Iota is the 30th hurricane of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season and the ninth hurricane to rapidly intensify. Its late-season development set a record.

South Florida Non-Profits Collecting Hurricane Relief Supplies For Central America

Amor y Fuerza Honduras, a Miami non-profit, is collecting donations to send relief to hurricane-stricken Honduras. They are gathering supplies like food, clothing, and toiletries, aiming to send them by the end of the week. Donations can be dropped off at designated locations or made through their GoFundMe page. Food For The Poor is also providing aid in the region. Both organizations stress the importance of unity and support during times of crisis.

Piden apoyo para enviar ayuda a Nicaragua y Honduras

Maritza Hernández, a través de la organización Amor y Fuerza Honduras y la ayuda de muchos voluntariosos ha recogido ayuda humanitaria para Honduras y Nicaragua.

Ahora necesitan efectivo para poder comprar los contenedores y seguir ayudando a las personas que tanto lo necesitan.

Y es que tras el paso de los huracanes Eta e Iota miles de familias en ambos países lo han perdido todo. Ya se enviaron 2 contenedores a Honduras y uno a Nicaragua, sin embargo, el costo de envío es de 3 mil dólares y ya se han agotado los recursos financieros.

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