Who we are

Our mission

At Amor y Fuerza, our mission is to empower and uplift communities through compassionate initiatives that address diverse needs. We are dedicated to fostering positive change in the lives of individuals in the USA, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Our commitment extends to the following core pillars:

Our Inspirational Journey

Founded by Martha Hernandez, a native Honduran with a heartfelt connection to the struggles faced by the people of the region, Amor y Fuerza Honduras emerged from a desire to give back to the homeland. The founder’s journey, from migration to the United States seeking a better life, to returning to Honduras to provide aid in the wake of Hurricanes Eta & Iota, showcases resilience, determination, and a profound sense of responsibility.

Education and Support for Low-Income Schools (USA):

We strive to provide essential resources, including uniforms, toys, and school supplies, to students in low-income schools. Additionally, we support these communities by covering food expenses for special events like Thanksgiving dinner.

Empowering Indigenous Communities (Guatemala – Redlands Indigenous):

We work to create lasting positive impacts on the Indigenous community in Guatemala (Redlands Indigenous) through regular deliveries of vital items such as food, clothing, toys, and special Easter baskets.

Aiding the Homeless Population (USA):

Our goal is to address the immediate needs of the homeless population by distributing essential items, including food, clothing, and hygiene bags, to contribute to their well-being.

Enhancing the Lives of the Elderly (Honduras and Nicaragua):

Through the 3ra Edad Program, we aim to improve the lives of the elderly in Honduras and Nicaragua by providing necessities, and hygiene items, and organizing entertainment events filled with music, food, and joy.

Revitalizing Rural School Environments (Honduras y Nicaragua):

We are dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities in rural communities by supplying desks, boards, fans, and electricity to schools. Additionally, we provide basic school supplies and contribute to the overall improvement of school facilities.

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