Programs in the USA:

Low-Income Schools Program:

Objective: To support students in low-income schools by ensuring they have the necessary resources for education.
Initiatives: Providing school supplies such as uniforms and toys. Covering food expenses for events like Thanksgiving dinner.

Indigenous Community Program (Guatemala – Redlands Indigenous):

Objective: To uplift and provide for the Indigenous community in Guatemala (Redlands Indigenous) regularly.
Initiatives: Regularly delivering essential items like food, clothing, toys, and Easter baskets three times a year.

Homeless Program:

Objective: To address the needs of the homeless population by providing essential items for their well-being.
Initiatives: We are distributing food, clothing, and hygiene bags, and meeting basic needs.

Programs in Honduras y Nicaragua:

3ra Edad Program:

Objective: Supporting the elderly (3ra Edad) in Honduras and Nicaragua by enhancing their quality of life.
Initiatives: Providing necessities and hygiene items. Organizing entertainment events, including music, food, and fun activities.

Comunidades Rurales Schools Program:

Objective: Improving educational environments in rural communities in Honduras and Nicaragua.
Initiatives: We are supplying desks, boards, fans, and electricity to schools. We are providing basic school supplies and ensuring the overall improvement of schools.

Monetary donations are being used to buy construction materials to repair homes…

WHERE to donate

Wells Fargo Bank.
Beneficiary: Amor y Fuerza Honduras.
Acct #: 5619333320

See our impact

Honduras & Nicaragua will take 12+ years to recuperate from these disasters…

In addition to our international efforts, Amor y Fuerza Honduras is committed to making a difference in South Florida

Empowering Futures: Donating Toys and Scholarly Essentials in Honduras and Nicaragua

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